You need a PEI real estate professional to look after your PEI real estate investments & rentals

A PEI real estate manager takes the landlordís place in the daily responsibilities of running a rental PEI property. These include maintaining the building and grounds including handling repair issues with regard to tenantís space as well as common space, the cleaning of the PEI property, and the implementation of any improvements to their PEI real estate investment that the owner may wish to make.

In addition, a PEI real estate manager may look after the financial side of PEI property rental for the owner. This includes renting the your PEI property, including doing a financial check on prospective tenants, as well as paying expenses for trades and workers providing services to rental PEI real estate properties, real property taxes, insurance etc. In a situation where a PEI real estate manager is handling all aspects of operating the PEI real estate property, the owner is simply providing the capital necessary to own the PEI property and has nothing to do with day-to-day operations unless there is a major problem associated with a PEI property that the PEI real estate manager may not directly handle, such as a legal issue.

Different jurisdictions have differing legal requirements to work as a property manager. Many provinces accept a real estate agentís license as sufficient to function as a property manager while others have separate certifications. PEI real estate managers are not required to be certified in any way.

That is why it is important to have someone experienced working for you as your PEI real estate manager. Nicolle Morrison of Century21 has 22 years experience in PEI real estate and is a landlord herself. She has the contacts and the savvy to know who should, and should not, rent your PEI property and she knows how to Ďvetí potential clients to ensure that you rent only to well qualified tenants.

If you are looking for a rental property she can (while wearing her PEI realtor hat) put her experience to work, as she has for herself, finding you a PEI property that will be a good PEI real estate investment and then she can just as easily (putting on her PEI real estate manager hat) turn that potential into reality.

Ultimately, the PEI real estate manager acts as the liaison between the owners and the tenants of a PEI property. As such, their responsibilities are as great, if not greater, than that of an owner. Tenants generally expect all of the same things from a PEI real estate manager that they would from an owner, and owners expect a great deal from their PEI real estate manager as well. You can rely on Nicolle Morrison to ensure that all expectations are met!

Contact Nicolle Morrison of Century21 today for more information on PEI real estate management.

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